I've worked today on the Vision, Mission and Principles for Lid Off The Box. The document was started in 2009 and has been updated as things have developed.

Today was a Red Letter Day in that development.


I've been in the space of looking at history for nearly three weeks after my mum died. It affects me. Parts of a jigsaw puzzle come into place in a different way.

I've always wanted to be an entertainer. I love show business. I never realised that my heritage gives me a 'validity' to draw on in this regard. When I stack the various building blocks up it makes more sense as to why I have a show business passion inside of me.

In Canada and North America, where we reside, heritage is a big deal. Anything over a hundred years old is ancient. Naturally, these are young - in their Western guise - countries.

I'm building a construct that will enable me, and hopefully a lot of other people to gain freedom in their lives at Lid Off The Box. I've been trying to join the dots on this for a long, long time, fearful of stepping in case of what people might say and not good enough anyway.

Things have been changing massively in the last three weeks. The tone of what I write and am designing is less - 'will you help me' and more - 'this is what we are doing... Join in!'

Today I added a Heritage paragraph - BEFORE - The Vision, Mission and We Will Do strategy points. I think it's brilliant. It gives context. This is not some random startup coming out of a good idea on a Wednesday afternoon. Although that may be cool. This drive, this dream, this vision and mission comes from history, from blood. From somewhere deep.

At least that is how it occurs to me today.


Gladys was Mum's mum. She met my grandad (who I was never introduced to), when she was playing the piano in one of his picture houses. Nanna earnt her living by playing the piano, she was a jobbing musician.

So a part of my heritage I added was in music performance. Nanna went out to play gigs well into her seventies in her little Mini. Mum had her try to teach me to play piano. I can remember those Saturday afternoons -they were a disaster. I just wanted to go outside and climb the great tree at the end of the garden. Almost every week there was a new budgie in the cage by the window. Either they escaped or died - I wish I'd asked. Piano lesson meltdown was a shame because today... well I wish I had lessons like my brother had. I might not have been as good as him but it would have been useful.

On the Dewhirst side of the family is Dolly. My Auntie Pauline showed me her photo. That's all we have of her. An old black and white photo of a pretty lady. Nothing more. She was 'on the boards' in the thirties by the look of it. So I have a relative who was 'on the boards.' I love that time, that heritage, I have studied it. I've read about all the old movie companies how they started, developed, merged in America too. Bernard Delfont and Lew Grades Biographies are in my bookshelf. Great me I wish I'd met. Show business absolutely fascinates me.

Anyway I added Gladys, Gilbert (he owned two picture houses) as well as Dolly into the heritage mix.

Here's Mum and her mum.


Then I realised I have a wife who's been an actress, a Co-Director of a physical theatre company and as a performer in that and who has also sung and is a singer (a great one). She got a call back for Miss Saigon but didn't get the message. Not only does she look the part but she would have been awesome with her voice.

Yippee I can add that in too. She is Co-Founder of Lid Off the Box. It's all valid experience we bring to the party.

As I look at what I'm pulling together, which is all - in order to - make a great NICKSTIR show. I start to become excited.

To draw on my heritage feels as though I have more validity - as a showman - for what I'm about now. It's as though my identity 'as showman' that I love, has merit. It seems so much more, in show business terms than simply ice dancing!

Here's the paragraph as it stands. Today's breakthrough it is...


We are English born, living in Canada. Our family heritage is in show business. From being ‘on the boards’ in England in the 1930’s to playing piano to the silent movies to owning picture houses. To performing in, creating, directing and producing shows on TV and in arenas Nationally and Internationally. As impresarios, writers, producers and stars of theatre shows and two generations being in the world elite of performance on ice. Acting in film, directing and starring in a physical theatre company and in singing complete the riches to draw on...

Yo! that's awesome...

So why do I need permission to step. Ahhh, why DID I need permission to step. What's changed? What's changing? Golly I don't quite know. But I feel like I'm making great strides right now.

Rock n Roll - Have a super day...

Love N

Love to hear from you...

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