Today 26th April 2020 I was banned from the LID OFF THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT website.

LID OFF THE BOX Manager Frank Speaker,

"I love Im and he's a lovely talented guy but he's forever trying to sort out his identity and the Nicky Slater processing is never ending. He's not quite sure about his name? It drives me bonkers.

And we face an Emergency Situation with DREAMTRYB being hacked by F.I.A.H. - but I can't tell you about that cause it's TOP SCERET.

Anyway we've got to get on. We've got to make this work.

The fact is, when he let's go his Nicky Slater and get's in the groove he becomes NICKSTIR - then he's amazing!

So don't tell Im, but I'm taking all his NICKSTIR work and we're going to get it out to the world..."


"Yeah yeah, there's a lot of bits and bobs on the site about his processing, bless him. It might take us a few days to remove em. You see I read in the DREAMTRYB MANUAL - You need to forget what is behind and press on towards the goal. So that's what we av to do"

More at lidoffthebox.com


Goodness this is unexpected even in the maelstrom of getting things sorted here... I thin kit could be for the best....

Love to hear from you...

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