Ever get too busy to complete something? And time passes.

This weekend we watched a memorial Tribute to a dear Pastor lady friend from our church who until the summer was not well but would be OK - then she got a cancer diagnosis and... four months later she has left us.

In April, with my brother Kim, we worked on a video for our Mum's funeral. To do a Public Tribute was also a goal of mine. I'm inspired by the weekend to get that done. So, on the anniversary of Mum's birthday I completed it.

I think of Sinnead, Louise, Sharon, Karen, Sue and many more ladies my Mum inspired and gave to. To Roy, Roberto, Chris, Walter and so many more... What a legacy. And I hope you get to see this version.

I think of Pauline, Sandra, Janet, Pam... ditto.

One day at a time we have. Enjoy.

Love Nicky

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