My Wordpress website was corrupted and it seemed to be a big job to fix. So I nuked it.

I'd forgotten all my emails were routed through the same server area so it's been a bit of a pickle to try to sort that out!

Anyway - I'm betwixt and between Wordpress with my own server - which I've invested a lot of time in - and Wix. Wix is so easy and fast but lacks some features I wanted. So I loop and procrastinate. Twas ever thus. Need to break that cycle and get on.

Then Mum passed away and a website would be useful to communicate her passing. So throwing this site together on Wix to see how it might work.

Time becomes more pressing so 'an easy way' becomes more important. Perhaps Wix is that? And let go of all the work elsewhere.

We shall see.

A familiar pose for me. I used to skate along on the general ice of a session and then duck under the rope that separated the shiney patch ice and wiz past those library quiet concentrators on my rear in Manchester Ice Palace. Oh yes and traumatised by white boots! Another story. n

Love to hear from you...

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