Our mum, Joan Slater's funeral is this Thursday. I'm in Canada and can't go.

But I'll be there - 3am Canadian time online.

With my brother Kim we've been putting together a slide/video tribute. I've spent four very long days on it so far. Golly - Final Cut Pro, Logic. Keynote, Aperture, Vimeo and international time zones eight hours apart. Oh and I have another slide as we are prompted to develop what is a min documentary through imagery...

Again I finished at 2:30 am our time last night.


At twelve midnight I was working on this picture of mum.

There are 61 slides that carry around 120 photos over a seven minute period with music and the picture you see here was marked and had blemishes - not from the subject - but from wear and tear in storage. So I worked to recover it's original glory. I could do more of course. But... I need to stop!

And you know what. I was rubbish at staying in touch, we had some great times and some hard times my mum and I and I often protected my sensitive soul because something of my waywardness would spark a remark that would cut from her.

And... I am recreating a photo of a woman who has past now... And... somehow, that's good, honouring and feels right.


Through putting everything together with Kim I get the scope of her work. Through reading Kim's words he will deliver at the service I get more insight.

It is true to say 'we shared Mum.' And that sharing meant we were often left as she could not be in two places at once.

And the memories come... And I learn more about the lady who was my mother.

What a fabulous photo.

Love N

Love to hear from you...

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