As I start a new 'work' chapter of my life I start to realise how privileged I have been.


To be clear - so far - monetarily -  I haven't 'made it.' I am old enough that I should maybe stop trying to make it! But that is not my option, nor my character...


But there is a body of work below that I have been a part of, be it in creating/producing/directing and/or delivering as a performer.

Those lies that have bound me would say, "You never did. You never will."

But, clearly, they are lies. I have been a part of entertainment productions that have blessed millions nationally and internationally. I have helped raise money for Africa, for Cystic Fibrosis and supported other charities along the way. I have created, scripted, starred in, produced, promoted and branded shows. I have been a part of superb entertainment teams in light entertainment spectaculars. Hmmm...

And I've made some clonking mistakes along the way and been lost searching for the majority of the time!

And I mention to Christiane how great to come from the place of saying thank you and of appreciating the privilege rather than - as she said - Rah Rah Me. 

I love...




'There's no business like show business,' goes the song. And it's the people that make it special.


I've been privileged to meet SHOWMEN and SHOW WOMEN of mark along the way. I have (when I didn't hide away) enjoyed their company and developed friendships.


My lack of social skills and my lack of show business background and understanding would often have me clunky but, graciously, many stuck with me.


To watch riggers at work is a perpetual joy - they just wouldn't let me get involved. And I'm sorry I put your schedule back guys as I practised and you - polite - didn't move me along.


History to celebrate...

  • ​my first show in Altrincham Ice Rink, age five.
    Ken Bailey  = inspiration...


  • to skate in arenas in Europe, North America, Canada, Japan, China and South Africa with a glamorous, fun Ice Dance Partner
    Tom Collins - the legend  - Karen, thank you


  • to judge World Professional Ice Dance for ABC 
    Dick - thank you


  • to create and produce Sport Aid for the NEC CBS ITV
    Ken, Barry, Mollie, David - thank you


  • to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis through Blue Peter on the BBC and a Nationwide Tour Sue, you are awesome

  • to produce a National alternative event for Halloween in Britain
    Peter H... You were above and beyond...


  • to produce and enable a 1,000 staff charity's 150th Anniversary Celebration 

  • to create prime time branded skating arena shows for NBC USA Networks and ESPN
    Robin , Steve, Allen - well done us - thank you


  • to judge ice skating reality shows for BBC and ITV
    Katie at al - thank you 


  • to commentate and present on top flight figure skating for ITV Eurosport TWI, etc.
    Phil, Simon, Chris - thank you


  • to present live arena shows in North America
    thank you boys - it made me happy and they loved my accent


  • to create promote and perform my own rink and theatre tours



I've had 10,000 people boo me for two minutes straight In the MEN Manchester Arena (my home town). I have fallen over on a purpose built ice rink by the Thames on live UK TV and sat on my partner.

I turned down one of the most powerful management agencies on the planet to represent my partner and me - doh.

I captured - with my skating partner Karen Barber - the magic of Chaplin, On Ice. Skating solo in Ireland - six year old girl watching me fall on my face in a spotlight as the little Tramp, couldn't stop laughing - how beautiful. Kevin buffed my lapels for Strictly Ice Dancing and Dancing On Ice before I stepped on stage - joy. You had to be there.

I have skated on a Chicago Ice Rink with a princess where the rink cleared of skaters who stopped to watch. It was the best skating moment of my life. You know who you are.

I have danced salsa in San Jose and Brighton and on my former balcony overlooking the sea, champagne in hand, fireworks going off!

And - at my core - I am a showman. Everything about show business excites me. I have driven a tour truck around the O2 car park in London. I have spent $50,000 on overage bills for one show in Vegas and $3,000 on the bar bill! I have negotiated with Fire Chiefs in an Eastern seaboard Union building in the US and got the show on. It's been a journey... many stories to be told... When we have time...


And now it's ACT TWO -  create a fabulous show, write the music, the script, perform it to blow the doors off with a brilliant team to entertain, inspire,  connect - LIVE...


This is what I work towards every day... But no that's not true. I do everything 'in order to do that' everyday. I create this site. I'm creating at Lid Off The Box. And... I write another lyric, song, etc., etc... Twas ever thus.

So - I need to break free of all that. And have no excuses for avoidance. I need to be 'practising.' Focussed on the main thing.


Yesterday Christiane was saying how my work of the last weeks has changed. This is different. Wix is enabling faster design, bolder implementation. "I just want it to be in place so it doesn't change," she said. Now that would be a breakthrough. Then I can't hide in iteration...

And that show can then be my focus.


It will be akin to waking everyday thinking how can I be better, be good enough to be a World Champion, as I used to do. Only made fifth in that chapter.  Now 'God willing' it's time to create something special...

Thank you for reading.

We can do it - we are all amazing. I've just been a bit slower than most!!!

Love N



Alexandra Stevenson

Love to hear from you...

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