Who Cares

You cannot imagine the freedom I feel being able to write the heading above. I know it may sound crazy and this iterative trying to find myself has been going on for a lifetime. Because I have cared who Nicky Slater is! But somehow, the name Nicky Slater is becoming less important to me.

It's to do with my identity. So what's behind the name I was given? Whatever it is, I love to be in the place of - if no one cares that's fine. God loves me, I'm made in his image and that is pretty awesome, so whether people like or dislike Nicky Slater - whoever he is. That's up to them...

What follows is a bit of Nicky Slater's history... This intro was written after what follows. And once this site is set - I can move on to take the Lid Off The Box elsewhere and come back here to ruminate and explore.


 Enjoy. N


Nicholas Mark Slater's formative years were spent with nannies looking after him and then mostly in the ice rink. His mother and father were British and World Professional Ice Dance Champions and became top coaches in the sport/art. He became a Junior World and British Ice Dance Champion too. But failed in his quest to be World's No 1. He came fifth. 

Nicky Slater never chose his name or the path of ice dancing, it was a privilege given him by circumstance and by parents giving to their child. He tried to force his mother to stop teaching him. He was never allowed to walk away. 


His career stalled and then blew apart when...


He became a Christian, met a pretty girl, heard advice too loudly and married the girl eight weeks later - blowing apart his skating partnership. The marriage lasted twelve years... We both acknowledge that, had we known each other longer and been a little bit more grown up things might have been different. Some great times along the way.


He was lost.



His upbringing in the ice dance bubble gave him fabulous times and left him adrift and deeply scarred. As an only child for much of his early life (his brother was born when he was nine and a half) and with close to zero social skills outside of the ice rink he was unprepared for real life.


Akin perhaps to being demobed from the army when you have known nothing else all your life. No support, no framework, no 'real life' nine to five knowledge or skills. You carry a rebellious spirit and are afraid to pick up the phone to ask some gatekeeper to 'put your name on file.' You are used to being at the top of the world in your arena and speaking with CEOs and leaders in their fields. Now there's no social to go to, no 'After Event' Banquet. No framework of championship timetables to give accountability...

A rebel without a cause, without a deadline - is lost.


So you get depressed, you become agoraphobic. You go through it a bit. And your poor wife who married a national celebrity is lumbered with a hermit, scared of going out.

A major complication was that he never wanted to teach ice dancing. Many reasons... But what then?



He went out into the wilderness; the desert time spanned decades. Searching to find his way, always knowing what was on his heart to do but never quite having the courage to pursue it. False starts, entrepreneurial flair met by self sabotage, fears and scripts eating the years.

Finally the boy who was Nicky Slater as a ice dancer, commentator, reality TV judge; the boy who loved Show Business but hated the corrupt judging in the world of ice dance he grew up in; the boy/man who loved the audience but hated the gatekeepers (imbued that they are corrupt) found courage to pursue his soul path, risk, learn, grow and... start afresh.

Enthusiasm is one thing, delivery another. Years ago he was advised 'to not do this' on the back of a 'hopeful' demo by a top music producer - he hid away to study. Years have past. mistakes in investing in kit rather than education but always keeping on. Hiding out... Keeping on.



Today the performance background from ice rinks to theatre to arenas and television are part of the experience he brings to bear on the music he now creates.


He has partnered with top music producers to deliver Epic and - as he grows as a music producer finds he is: searching for his sound and his identity - outside of 'Nicky Slater.' But then who, is Nicky Slater?


His given name is Nicholas Mark Slater. Ahh but it was given, perhaps the Rebel, rebels against this? He was told to have it...


'Nicky' never felt quite right. Although friends can still call him that if they wish and many know him simply as NICKY SLATER. Why the fuss? Indeed.


But Nicholas Mark was the name his Auntie Pauline called him from the Dewhirst side of the family who had been 'on the boards' in England. 

TODAY - 2020

So today, in a new performance guise with comedy thrown in, nicholasMARK is born as one of N's alternate personas...


A new chapter in life for a born again showman is 'finally' beginning.


NICKY SLATER lives here... He needs to be given freedom too. And he's just been banned from the site he has founded at LID OFF THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT. Which might be good - or even more confusing!

What's going on?

Enjoy the journey.

Love Nicky

Love to hear from you...

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