I am a husband, daddy and first time dog owner on a Mission from God to re-invent himself.





I grew up on ice. My parents were champion Ice Dancers. I became a champion too and that has rather defined my life. Trouble being I never chose that path in the first place. To complicate matters I took on messages from those formative years that have severely handicapped me in my life, these include a lack of social and real life skills.



Today this rebel stubbornly continues in his quest for freedom. I seek to be who God made me to be. I seek to break free of my past and my fears. Thanks to lots of input over the years I have made progress. I could never have envisaged the first sentence of the introduction you read above.



I am very aware that 'searching for yourself' and the associated 'navel gazing' this entails pushes against my English northern pragmatic upbringing and the British stiff upper lip. Just do it, get over yourself and, you've too much time on your hands, being typical responses. And I have had therapy and prayer to help break free - and it's helped.

Some of us arty types are less pragmatic. Some of us are more sensitive souls. It can be a weakness. The outworking of success in a dog eat dog environment favours the pragmatic warrior. Yet - if we can face down our fears and let our giftings fly then I believe the world will give back when we share... You can't give without getting.


In today's unattributable internet environment though, this can be even more of a challenge. And what about the sensitive soul who has a warrior inside?


As a consequence of my journeying and hope freedom for the rest of us is the mission I've set at Lid Off The Box - our business start up. Letting it fly, not self-sabotaging and seeing it be successful will be a breakthrough for me, and relief and joy for those around me. Finally...


Courage for me now is in not hiding away any longer. I'm on a mission to entertain (as I love to do that) and to inspire others that - if I can make a crazy dream reality - then they can too... I really believe we can break free of those lies that have bound us.


So the journey/mountain climb and mission to find myself continues. Crazy as that sounds it's producing some interesting comedy. Rather like Multiple Personalities Re-ordered.


The outworking of this MUSIC THERAPY - as that is what it is becoming, is developing at Lid Off The Box.


This site says my name is Nicky Slater. Somehow that's never felt quite right. Although for some friends - and my wife - it works. It is my ice skating identity. My passport says Nicholas Mark Slater. Some friends here in Canada call me Sir Nick - which works a treat! My Auntie Pauline has always called me Nicholas Mark, which is fun too.

And Nickstir is interesting in this quest for identity I pursue... Free Nickstir the battle royal at Lid Off The Box.

So thanks for visiting. Do get in touch if you have any thoughts to share on what I'm about here, it's great to hear different perspectives. (Be kind). 


Have a nice day, as they say in this North American continent where I now reside.


So who do you know that finds it difficult to sign their name? How crazy is that?

How about it's not about me, it's about you? You having access to me in a way you would like. You can choose how you address me. (Be kind).


N - Nickstir - Sir Nick

Nicholas - Nicky

Nick or... - Mate!

PS MUSIC THERAPY 2015 below...

Love to hear from you...

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